1,700 tonnes
diverted from landfill
of nutrients recovered

2,000 tonnes of CO2eq

GHG emissions avoided



BioCarbon Soil is the trusted name in the production of quality-composted soil amendments (CSA), revolutionising both sides of the industry from the ground up. Offering premium, sustainable solutions for healthy soil, BioCarbon Soil brings organic matter from the cities to the country.

We're here to help local governments and other organic recyclers to not only increase the value of their organic products, but to establish robust production pipelines that get top shelf organic material in the hands of those that use it best - Australian farmers.

Our attention to process control and product testing produces a high-quality product that meets the specific needs of farmers, and helps communities achieve their regional circular bioeconomy ambitions.

BioCarbon Soil is also about sourcing and supplying farmers fit-for-purpose composted soil amendments that have been checked for nutrient content, contaminants, maturity and suitability for your application.

BioCarbon Soil - Building soil health for long-term resilience.

Sustainability for your farm is soil deep - find out how to future-proof your investment and ensure strong yields for generations to come.

What is Composted Soil Amendment ?

Used by farmers in Australia and across the world to improve soil health, Composted Soil Amendments (CSA) provides long-term benefits to soil and a strong return on investment.

Composting turns organic waste into a valuable combination of bio stimulant and stabilised soil organic matter. It speeds up decomposition by ‘cooking’ raw materials like leaves, branches, discarded food and manure. At BioCarbon Soil we take it one step further because we know not all compost is created equal.

Decomposing microorganisms need the right balance of four things to thrive: nitrogen, carbon, moisture, and oxygen. With the right process, the raw stuff turns into dark, crumbly, earthy smelling soil amendment full of humus and beneficial microbes. It’s what makes CSA different to raw chicken or cattle manure and wood chips.

CSA deliver far more benefits than raw manure and mulch.  In addition to soil building and production benefits, composting completely transforms the organic waste to provide a product that feeds the soil, which in turn feeds what you grow. It’s one more tool farmers can use to create a resilient production system that will last for generations.

Composted soil amendments don’t just address specific soil and production problems. They have been shown to consistently provide a “multiplier effect”. When used to address a single soil problem, composted soil amendments always provide more, unexpected benefits.

Applying CSA generally involves spending at least $300/ha, with expenditure of several thousand dollars per hectare delivering reasonable returns in some intensive production systems. When making such investments its worth getting the best advice. The CSA that BioCarbon Soil source and supply is fit-for-purpose which means it’s been checked for nutrient content, contaminants, maturity and suitability for your application.

There’s so much you can’t control on the land, so we’re helping farmers from the ground up.

It’s no secret that improving soil health is a strategy that increases productivity and resilience. As the new ‘go to’ for high-quality composted soil amendments, BioCarbon Soil helps farmers to access high-quality CSA by working directly with recyclers of organics waste to source a consistent supply of quality fit-for-purpose products.

Do you want to build a healthy soil legacy and use a product that improves the resilience of your soil for several years?

Don’t let depleted soils affect agricultural production and threaten your farm’s future. CSA offer a premium, sustainable solution to healthy soil, helping farmers improve and build their soil health - for today and tomorrow.

BioCarbon Soil finds composted soil amendments for farmers who want to build productivity with organics.  Our process is simple - we check your soil health, source custom, quality composted soil amendments and deliver tailored products that meet your specific needs, supporting you every step of the way.

  • We help Farmers access high-quality compost
  • We work directly with recyclers of organic waste
  • We guide your sustainable future and build productivity with organics, supporting you every step of the way
  • We help you 'transition' into more organic and sustainable practices
Just starting out?

Whether you are just starting to trial composted soil amendment (CSA) on your land, thinking about making more sustainable choices or have tried other soil inputs with mixed results and are ready to try other options, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right CSA to meet your farm’s needs.

When you use composted soil amendment to treat one problem, other soil benefits will follow.  For example, building soil carbon with composted soil amendment helps retain soil moisture in dry soils and increases soil microbe activity, which can make nutrients more available to crops.  So it’s a win, win.

And if you don’t want to go ‘cold turkey’ off existing inputs and prefer a ‘transition’ into more organic and sustainable practices, you can work with us to escape the chemical fertiliser treadmill, and watch your soil health grow.

Organic Recyclers - partnering with an advocate for the circular bioeconomy, a true partner in every sense.

BioCarbon Soil is the market leader in CSA production and advisory services. By investing in producing quality CSA your business will secure ongoing demand from buyers, avoid stockpiles and increase the value of your recycled organic products over time.

We provide technical advice and training to improve processes and add value to products based on CSA.

We offer tailored information to support the marketing of CSA to farmers, check compost test results to meet (and exceed) minimum regulatory standards and specific soil and farming needs, review soils and agricultural production systems to inform CSA selection and use, and blend composted soil amendments with other inputs, to create tailored solutions.


Ask us how to make your region’s organic waste work better for you. Contact BioCarbon Soil to find out more and become a producer of high-quality compost.